Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Dress Code Verses and Help Needed

The kids and I brainstormed most of the way home and came up with a few more verses ... let me know what you think. (Papa Squid just poo-poohed most of them. Blah!)

Belt your pants at your waist,
Not below your tush
And they'll stay put when given a push.

and ...

If the teacher is giving
A good long glare
They might be viewing
Your underwear

and ...

If you find others to be a pest,
Maybe you're showing,
Too Much Chest.

If their hearts begin to smolder,
You might be showing
Too Much Shoulder.

If at your chest you see them grin
You might be showing
Too Much Skin.

If on your shoulders
Looks do linger
Check your straps
With 3 finger (s).

and a sign for the locker room:

Mirror, Mirror in the Gym,
Am I showing Too Much Skin?

Come on guys ... feel free to contribute!

Basic dress code: pants/skirts obey "fingertip rule" they must come to below the wearers fingertips when arms are at sides. Bellies are covered -- no belly buttons showing. No camisoles or "wife beaters." I'm not sure about the "three finger" rule for tank tops -- I have to check with the other Powers that Be. No mesh tops (or bottoms) on either gender. And we prefer not to view underwear. Our girls have never been in to showing thongs (Phew!) but some of our boys have their pants belted very low. (Squidette's school uses the three finger rule.)


Mel the Elf said...

I must admit
With pride this time
I cannot match
Your skill at rhyme.

And dare I say
A rhyme to win
Is when you birthed
That 'Too much skin!'

fillyjonk said...

What about doing it pirate style?

"If buttcrack* ye see, the pants too low be"

(*or whatever "school approved" word)


If thy top be so low
Ye feel the wind blow
Don't look like a figurehead
Cover up instead"


"Arrgh! Thy booty, 'tis not a thing of beauty. If thy pants be too tight, 'tis an unappealing sight."

Marni said...

What a neat idea - I love the Too Much Skin campaign.

Here's one for you:

Innie or outie?
Fatty or thin?
Leave room for some doubt;
Cover up tummy skin.

(Alternatively, the last line could be Cover up too much skin.)