Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bits and Pieces

For those wondering about Passover, I found a really short version yesterday. It hits the main points. Enjoy! Need an explanation? Feel free to ask.

Cute Otter video tho I hear that my favorite Otter already knows.

How does a Squid prepare her home for Passover? She brings these up from the car.

I have BIG plans for this summer. There is one more bag of soil and another pot still in the car. Now to just finish clearing construction debris off of the balcony.

Yeah, bringing up the planting supplies and opening the matzoh is about all we do. Papa Squid did LOTS of cooking of yummy food. Pot roast and chicken soup with matzoh balls, compote and home made almond macaroons. Yum! Yes, the bread is still in the house but it won't be touched until next Tuesday evening. We Squid are more of "in the spirit" observers instead of "letter of the law." That said, I'll be cleaning up matzoh crumbs for the next week. (Please note, we are Squid and as a species are not kosher.)

Today, shopping for wedding clothes -- my kid brother is getting married in May and I need a dress and Little Squid needs a suit. Papa is taking Little for the suit and Squidette is taking me for a dress. In return, I will take Squidette for shoes to match her dress. Given how fast these squidlings grow, it did not make sense to do this any earlier. I'll take the camera and see what sites we can get for you guys!


knitseashore said...

What will you be planting? I'm intrigued by those large pots! Will you have a balcony garden?

All of that food sounds so yummy. Lucky you, a husband who likes to cook! Hope you are healing too. I'm still shaken reading your posts about those metal plates.

Cookie said...

Good luck with the shopping and gardening! I hope the Squidlings don't outgrow their clothes before the big day. *hugs*