Monday, April 02, 2007

Foggy Day

Some foggy shots of Lower Manhattan from our ride this morning. (All fog shots taken from outside Castle Clinton.)

Built as fortification, Castle Clinton later served as an arts center and still later as the precursor to Ellis Island as an immigrant receiving center. It now serves as the ticket purchase point for the ferries to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and is a convenient bathroom stop during our rides. (Yes, the helmeted ones are Squidette and Little Squid. Mama Squid is wielding the camera and Papa Squid is using the Castle as mentioned above.) Heading around the tip of Manhattan and back north again, we came upon this building ...
and this metal plate. Yes, the scene of the crime accident. Current theory is that my front wheel got caught against the edge and the forward momentum of my back wheel -- in a slightly different direction -- sent me skidding and falling. No, you will not find evidence of my fall here -- it rained last night.
Then on to get some fresh horseradish for the holiday. And pickles, too!
Then back home for a total of 11.7 miles.

These? Oh, these are my anniversary present from Mike. Isn't he sweet!Happy Passover to all who celebrate!


Susan said...

and Happy Passover to you and yours! I thought at first that the dark marks on the metal plate were biological evidence of your wreck. And lovely new hair sticks! You've got yourself a good man. Happy Anniversary too!

Anonymous said...

Love your tales of Adventures in Squidland. The spot of the *tragic* accident just screamed menacing to me. Glad you've made it known to the rest of NY!
Your package is on it's way- repeat, the bird is in flight- whoo-hoo!
Can't wait to see what you think.
Happy Passover!
Socky the Second

KnittyOtter said...

Lovely Photos. 'Cept you know the one of the metal meanie thingy.

Happy Anniversary! How long has it been? :D

Holly of HollYarns said...

I know that when I finally visit NY, I will have to say thank you to you for piquing my interest in the city! Your pics and history tales have made it such a draw.