Saturday, April 14, 2007

Busy Squid

It is a lovely day, lots of sun and the temperature is rising. Are we riding? Nope. Still too cold and way too windy with a Nor'easter due late tonight.

Instead, it is 11:30 a.m. and I have already cleaned the turtle tank, packaged and mailed 5 items including the taxes and have taken some of the lighter items off of the balcony in anticipation of said storm.
The packages include a gift to a sick colleague (some nice knitting stuff), a small gift to an original swap pal (down stream) who got dropped from the swap, and a return of some bike shoes that were too tight. More on the swap-pal issue in another post.

I should be blocking the pieces to Squidette's sweater but instead am taking a break before sashaying off to the Opera with my favorite fourth grader. We are seeing Turandot and we are really excited about it. This will be the second time we are seeing this opera and I am curious as to how it will be different from the last time. During this opera there are three riddles asked and the first time we saw it, during a dress rehearsal, Little Squid was upset because one of the riddles did not have a question mark after it in the seat-back titles. This was a good two and a half years ago but we still tell the story. Love that kid!


Cookie said...

You Squid are always so busy. I hope the storm isn't too bad and that the afternoon goes well. *hugs*

Susan said...

I listened to part of that on NPR while I was out and about. It was fun thinking that y'all were actually in the audience.