Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lessons Learned

Who would have thought that one little accident could teach me so many lessons?

1. Towels are effective exfoliation devices. Try this experiment: during a two week period, wash your face, gently and dry one side vigorously while gently patting the other side dry. Don't be surprised when the patted side starts flaking at the end of the experiment.

2. Sleeping with my hair in a pony tail is actually a good thing. I started it after the accident to to keep my hair off of my wound, now I'm still doing it because I like it! It used to get it caught under me at night and it woke me up.

3. Forgetting the pattern to the sock you are knitting does not necessarily translate to an unusually long wait in the doctor's office. As a matter of fact, my ability to translate the pattern from the sock's mate meant that I was in and out of the doctor's office in record time!

Here's hoping that there are no more lessons to learn. *grin*


Debby said...

Your new floor looks great! I bet you are anxious to get your plants in pots.

I hope that you are feeling mostly back to normal after the accident. I don't think I will ever look at metal plates the same way (they are now super scary) after reading your story.

Cookie said...

Have you tried sleeping with it braided? I've found that easier as my hair got longer. Plus less pressure on my scalp.

And isn't flakey normal? o.0

Susan said...

I used to have really long hair and I know how suddenly you can awaken when it gets caught. Like Cookie, I settled for a braid. And no rubber band poking me in my head or neck. I'm impressed with your sock pattern skills. I'm not there yet unless it's ribbing. But I did manage to amaze my doc this morning as I knitted while he talked without looking. Tonight I discovered that I need to start over with more stitches but I'll savor his amazement.

Holly of HollYarns said...

Are you trying to exfoliate? If so, definitely go the chemical method over the manual method. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids work really well without irritating your skin and tearing it up (I should know, I have flaky, sensitive, dry skin and it helps tremendously to use aha's and bha's).

Hope you're feeling better.