Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not Really a Sloth

O.k., I did manage to accomplish some stuff over break. I still haven't finished plying my yarn but that is because I spent much of yesterday doing some spring cleaning on my balcony.

We first made a quick trip to Ikea to get this flooring. I've been lusting after it for a few years but each time I tried to get it, I waited too long and they were sold out. This time, however, we scored. (We will not discuss the cost of the scoring, I'm just adding it to the figures for last year's renovation.)
Above is the "before" and below, the "after" even though it is not all laid yet. Some heavy moving has to be done before I can finish the job. Mike has a friend who will cut the partial tiles for me so I will not have to wield my hack saw.Doesn't it make a huge difference? Saturday should be warm enough to finish the job and maybe fill the pots with soil.

On other fronts, I finally finished my ruffled Marietta Rib Socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet. The are worked in Regia Silk and feel so cozy on my feet. The cuffs are shorties so that I can be comfy while cycling (if I can every find bike shoes that work over handknit socks.)Now to do some on-line yarn shopping for a colleague who is laid up for a few weeks.


Cookie said...


I love that flooring. I cannot believe how busy ya'll are over there. How dare you say you're slothful.

Lovin' those sockies, too. :D

Dave Daniels said...

VERY nice flooring. It looks like it would drain well for rain and overwatered plants. Speaking of, I'm jealous of your outdoor space and all those bags of soil and large pots. You're going to make it SO lush out there.
And pretty ruffled socks, too. :)

Susan said...

Oh that flooring makes such a difference. Turns the balcony into a whole other room! Busy squid in new socks! Not slothful at all.

Cat said...

I so love the flooring. I really wish IKEA would open a store here in NC. For crying out loud we are the furniture capital. Go figure.