Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buildings Galore!

Today I give you buildings. Nothing but buildings. And a piece of the Berlin Wall.

On our walk, yesterday, I kept stopping to snap pictures of interesting buildings or quintessentially New York stuff. I was assisted by my family's insistence in popping in to each and every Duane Reade on our path in search of discounted Cadbury Creme Eggs. Each time they popped in to one, I snapped some more pictures. Sometimes I snapped the pictures while they kept walking. This meant that I jogged more than a fair amount of the way home as I kept catching up with them.

And so, for those of you who are visiting my fair city via my blog, I give you some theaters.

Hmm ... maybe I can make this a project over the summer ... walk the theater district and photograph all of them. Too geeky? Hey, a gal and her guy have to do something while the kids are in camp.

How about a store devoted to accordions?

As promised, the Berlin Wall. Nope, not kidding, it is really a piece of the Berlin Wall.
How about a really cool building? I took ten shots of this before I got one I liked and it still does not do the building justice.A clock -- just for the heck of it. Yes, the time was correct.

A side view of the main Post Office. This is the building in to whose facade is carved those immortal words ... "Neither snow nor rain ..." It is also my post office. Yup, when I miss a delivery, this is where I have to come to pick it up. Others may brag about their zip code but I have THE BEST zip code in the city and the coolest post office. The front is not photo worthy right now as it is totally covered in scaffolding due to its impending renovation and transformation in to the new Penn Station.


Dave Daniels said...

Whaaaaaaaaa! I need a New York fix. SOON! Fung Wah or Amcrash, I don't care.

Susan said...

ohhhh fun! I surely wish I could come back again. I love the accordian store. Almost as much as I loved the pickle store! And I'm proud to know that when I send you snail mail it goes to the most important post office *G*

Cat said...

Oh you so make me miss the city. OMG LOL I sooooo agree with Dave (sorry just spied his comment over there). Okay I suggest a NYC get together.


knitseashore said...

You have an amazing back yard! Thank you for the tour. I don't visit nearly enough.

I love the lions outside the NYPL. :)