Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Second Guessing

The t.v. is off in the Squid home tonight.  Papa Squid is out for a while and Mama Squid is tired of listening to the news.  It makes her too sad and too angry.  So tonight, at least until Papa comes home, the t.v. will either be off or tuned to prerecorded shows.

As a mother, the events of this week hit hard.  As a school administrator, the reactions of many people just plain hurt.  How dare we second guess the administration of Virgina Tech or of any school in a situation like this.  We do not know what they knew and what they didn't know.  Those men and women were working with what they had and made the decisions that they felt were right.  It is not our place to second guess.

Unfortunately, I have been the recent victim of second guessing.  It led to my new title "the Bureaucrat in the Hallway."  I stick with the decisions I made to earn that title and I would make them again.

Five years ago my husband's Principal was in a situation where he had to decide if and when to evacuate their building.  After the fact, I second guessed him and was angry.  I was angry because I felt that those I loved had been in danger.  In truth, he was working with what he knew to be true and did what he and other authorities felt was best for those in the building.  Ultimately, they evacuated as the second tower of the World Trade Center fell, a few short blocks away.  They ran, as if for their lives.  I hereby, publicly apologize for second guessing those decisions.  It's tough being the person in charge.

What can we take from these experiences?  Instead of second guessing, we can use the information to make our own plans and to adjust those that exist.  Use this time to make things better instead of laying blame.  Let something good come of our heartache.

My thoughts go out to those affected by this latest tragedy.  No one should have to deal with this kind of thing.  No one.


Cookie said...

I think all we can ever do is have faith that the people in those positions will do what they deem right and best with what they know as they know it. Hindsight is 20/20, but it's not always fair.

Still thinking about ya'll, sweetie. *hugs*

fillyjonk said...

I also think of Plato, when I read of second-guessing:

"Be kind, for you do not know what burdens other people are carrying."

It's too easy to forget that in the middle of something, people don't have complete information.

I'm also really tired of the talking heads. I wonder if the American public is eventually going to decide that the 24/7 news cycle has more psychological detriments than it has benefits.

Susan said...

I believe that no matter what anyone did or would have done makes no difference as far as the second guessers go.