Friday, April 20, 2007

Good Friends and Pretty Socks

I came home from a doctor's appointment to find a mysterious box from California. Inside ...Yum! A week or so ago Cookie mentioned that she was off to find half-price Easter Candy. I jokingly asked her to look for Cadbury eggs for me. And she did! (The eggs are actually for the Squidlings, the jelly beans are all mine!) The timing was perfect.

Meanwhile, I have been a busy girl and finished these,
as well as Squidette's sweater. No pictures of that until we get the buttons on Sunday.


Mary said...

Nice socks! They look like Spring and jelly beans!

Scattered Gemini said...

That Cookie, you gotta watch her, she's always up to something. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Those socks look like crushed peppermint candy - yum!

Susan said...

They do look like peppermint socks! And that Cookie is always surprising folks..enjoy all the goodies!

Cookie said...

What kind of yarn is that? It's lovely.

That girl sounds like a bad influence to me. o.0