Saturday, April 21, 2007

We Smell Like Summer!

(Title attributed to Squidette who uttered it just after we finished slathering up with sunblock for today's ride.)
The sock hit the road again, along with all us Squid as we did our first two-borough ride of the season. The Sun Building. (scroll down the linked page)View from the west side of the East River.Squidlings.Squidling safely flags.The Tweed Courthouse. Now home to the New York City Department of Education.
The Manhattan side of the Manhattan Bridge.

On this trip, we rode down to Chambers Street, adjusted the seat on Squidette's bike, rode east on Chambers passing the Sun Building and the Tweed Courthouse on our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. Over Roeblings masterpiece, make a left and a right and there is the Manhattan Bridge. Over the Manhattan Bridge, through the streets (Allen and Pike have bike paths) to the East River. Uptown to the 10th Street overpass and then via the streets to the bakery (half-price baked goods for cyclists) and then the Union Square Greenmarket. At this point we were really enjoying our ride and decided that we needed a little more mileage so off to Chocolate Haven it was for a quick stock up. It was a nice, easy ride and we all did the bridges pretty easily.

Both kids needed their seats raised and I got to use my new bike in it's almost final configuration with my new custom fit stem. Tomorrow I will bring it in for a quick tune up to fix the minor injuries it suffered during my fall (slightly out of adjustment front derailleur and torn handlebar tape).


Kristen said...

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. I took my first outdoor ride of the spring today. Sounds like you went far - how many miles was it?

Susan said...

Love the safety flags!! Is the Tweed Courthouse building named after Boss Tweed? I love it that you put links in and I love it that the Sun Building escaped the wrecker's ball. Thank you for the wonderful card. I'm going to have to find a frame for it. You're the best!

Debby said...

That's wonderful that you are back on your bike again. Now I know what the squid flag looks like, so I'll be looking for it in two weeks. :)

Cookie said...

Squildings! :D