Sunday, April 22, 2007

Turtles and Such

Mike and I had a lovely morning ride which included sights from his childhood and our courtship.This was not one of them but makes a good photo op anyway in light of recent events.
This store, which is devoted solely to organic, prepared food for the small set, is where our favorite marzipan store used to exist. Trust me, the marzipan store served a greater purpose.
One of my favorite public sculptures.

Great bread. Mike introduced me to Orwashers when we were first dating. Their raisin pumpernickel bread is out of this world!
Kissing bikes. (aww ...)
Entrance to the park where we had our first kiss. Think, along the river (see the kissing bikes, above), at night, under the moonlight ...
Gracie Mansion, home to many NYC Mayors but not the current one. He chooses to live in his 79th Street townhouse. That's what you get when your Mayor is a billionaire. Gracie Mansion is actually located just inside Carl Schurz park. No kidding.
I really don't know what this building is but it looked really great with the cherry trees blooming. It's right across from Carl Schurz park.
A tug, tugging a construction barge up the East River.
The Triborough Bridge.
The bridge to Randall's Island.
Lighthouse on the tip of Roosevelt Island.

And finally, Turtle trying to escape.

You can't make this stuff up.


Mary said...

Lovely pictures, lovely memories. Was the marzipan store Elk Candy?

Susan said...

I love the sculpture! That turtle looks like he has a plan but busted by the justice?

Would you think I've lived a deprived life if I told you I've never tasted pumpernickel bread?

off to follow links *G*

JessZ said...

Mmmm, raisin pumpernickel sounds good. I'm going to have to look that place up.

KnittyOtter said...

I just went through the last week or so of posts I've missed. You have been a busy Squidy! :D

Love your photographs as always.

What camera do you guys use?


Debby said...

I love your bike ride photos from today and yesterday. It was too gorgeous not to be on a bike, after the long winter. Chris and I went for a ride along the CT river with the local club and really enjoyed ourselves.

Cookie said...

I love getting to see your part of the world. :D

I guess I know the real reason for the turtle cam. o.0