Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sock-ret Pal Reveal and an Update

First, thanks to Socky-the-second, Emily.Wonderful goodies and the socks fit just right.

For those of you who have expressed concern -- and to those in who I have confided my fears -- thanks for your understanding and kind wishes. I went back today for a follow-up and if my face fractured it did so in an almost imperceptible manner. I go back in another two weeks. In the mean time this adventure has given me the kick in the tush that I needed to make an appointment with my g.p. for a physical. It's been too long ... she's probably totally forgotten me ... which is why I haven't done this before. You get in to kind of a cycle once more than a year has gone by.

Kind of funny story -- early on in my relationship with our pediatrician I did not make a single call, from the time of the kids' annual physical one year until it was time for the next one. When I did call to get the appointments, they thought I'd left the practice! (This is why they take me in as soon as I call between physicals, I just don't do it and never have.) Yes, I do better for my kids then I do for myself. This is also why we do dentist and optometrist en masse with all four of us taking back to back appointments. Forces the adults to go and saves trips.


KnittyOtter said...

Just read back through this post and the last. I'm glad you are okay. :(

Scary stuff.

The socks and treats are very nice. Really cool. :D


Cookie said...

Love! Love the socks. Love the pressies. Love how you Squid travel as a pack. Love!

Susan said...

Great goodies and great news! Here's hoping that you continue to heal without complications!