Friday, April 06, 2007

This City is a Circus

Oh, wait, no it isn't. The Circus is a Circus!

This morning the Squidlings and I headed a few blocks uptown to fight the crowds at Madison Square Garden. We did this last year and practically walked right in to the show with barely a wait to buy tickets. Today, however, we made it to our seats with barely a minute to spare. This meant that we missed the pre-show but we'll survive.
Here is the sock taking in the sights. I was a bit fearful that I might finish the sock during the performance and then have nothing to work on but it turns out that the circus requires all of my attention most of the time so very little got done on the sock.
Clowns. Yup, we were up way high.
Elephants! As always, Little Squid's favorite part.

Squidette decided that the human cannonballs were her favorite part. Hmmm ...

My favorite? The gymnasts, acrobats and trapeze artists. This tour is touted as a "Bellobration," celebrating the talents of the clown Bello. Turns out that he is a talented gymnast / acrobat as well. The courage and skill that these folks have is amazing to watch. (Read the article attached to the link. It is written by my absolute favorite clown!)

What didn't I like? The animal stuff -- except for the part where one elephant relieved herself while performing. I found it absolutely hilarious that she was dumping what seemed to be gallons of liquid and pounds of semi-solids while half perched on a stool. I found the tiger show to be somewhat cruel and the dog act to be silly. But then I'm an adult and these things are not aimed at us. After last year's show I had figured that big animal acts, aside from the elephants, were out of fashion but I see that I was sadly mistaken. Poor tigers.

Apparently Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey run an elephant sanctuary where they care for and breed Asian Elephants. I think I can deal with that. More research is necessary though, but since my first negative hit was from PETA, I'll keep looking.

Will we go back next year? Maybe.

The conversation is still going on regarding this post. Feel free to keep speaking up. I'm really curious as to your feelings on this subject.


Ina said...

Did you get to see Bello's bitty bicycle, lost and then found?

Mary said...

I was one of those kids who was scared of the clowns. Matter of fact, I still am. Haven't been to the circus in years. Last time I went, I took my niece and somehow she lost her shoe. I think a clown took it!

knitseashore said...

I am interested in this topic as well, and wanted to see what a more mainstream organization had to say about circuses. I put a link here from the ASPCA that I hope is helpful.

Tomorrow is ASPCA day and there will be events in NYC, including the Empire State Building being lighted up in orange! Let us know if you see it, please. :)

knitseashore said...

Here is one more.

Sprite said...

I love the circus, but haven't been in years. I used to take Jo every year when Ringling Brothers came to a neighboring city. I get a little... uncomfortable with some of the animal stuff, but LOVE to see the animals. Of course, I ALWAYS worry that the animals are being taken care of.

*laughings @ you laughing @ the elephant dump* That HAD to be disgusting! I LOVE elephants. If I had a place to keep one and could afford it, I'd have a hard time not getting one. I'm such a dork! lol