Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sloth-like Squid

We have spent most of this week essentially hibernating as the weather turned cold again. Seems like a good time to answer some questions.

Knitseashore asks "What will you be planting? I'm intrigued by those large pots! Will you have a balcony garden?" and

"Will you be doing the five boro bike tour in May? My husband and I signed up, along with some friends, and it will be my first time, his second. I hope those metal plates are not on the bike route, but I know at least to avoid them if they are."

Into the flower pots will go pumpkin, cucumber, pepper and tomato. Smaller window boxes will hold flowers and maybe basil. (The basil is not happy right now, I may have to reseed it.)

Five-boro bike tour is now a YES! (Assuming it does not rain -- the kids are not equipped for wet weather. Both Squidlings have agreed to miss Hebrew school for the day just to do the tour. As for "my" metal plates -- they are not on the tour. I have no promises about other plates, however. Look for us -- the kids will be sporting orange flags on the back of their bikes -- and the flags have our Squid on Wheels logo on them. We should be wearing our Squid on Wheels t-shirts assuming it is warm enough. The first rest stop, by the way, is at my school.

Ina asks: "Did you get to see Bello's bitty bicycle, lost and then found?"

Yup! It was so small and really neat. Papa Squid thinks it was taken by the Critical Mass Police. (NYC biker joke)

Meanwhile, some crafting has been going on here. Squidette made and gifted this lamb to me (no, not for Easter).Then she put this elephant hanging together for her brother.I spent today spinning and finished the 9 ounces of silk-alpaca-merino that I got from Indigo Moon at Rhinebeck this year. So far I have Navajo plied about half of it. Hopefully I will finish the plying tomorrow so that when I finish Squidette's sweater I can start one for myself.Tomorrow, maybe some riding, more likely more sloth-like behavior.


Susan said...

What productive sloth-like Squids! Batya is becoming quite the fabric artist! Were you and Natan surprised or did you get to enjoy the creation.

How long have you been spinning? You certainly do it well! and lovely color too.

Cookie said...

That's slothful? o.0

Ya'll look pretty productive to me.

Anne K. said...

Well, I am impressed!! I didn't realize you were a spinner as well! Are you off school Mon. and Tues. as well? My daughter (PS 58 in Brooklyn) is off, but is already looking forward to Wednesday...she misses her little first-grade munchkins!

Ben Franklin said...

It's a good thing the elephant is hanging together, otherwise it would surely hang separately.

Sprite said...

Love the blue colors in your spinning. So totally cool. Harldy sloth like, but I'm not sure you'd listen if I told you. lol

Ahhh, now I've found the bike story. (I've back tracked on your blog this time and going backward to forward... ummm.. remember.. I'm blonde) *smiles then grins*

Squidettes little crafty lamb is JUST adorable and her elephant shows just how talented and artsy she is. JUST like her mom! What do you mean it's not for Easter??? *blink,blink* Had my life not prevented your getting your care package by Easter, YOU would have gotten what I'd christened to be the Jewish Egg. *laughs & hopes you laugh, too* Package still coming. I keep adding to it.. lol.