Sunday, April 01, 2007

Times Square and the Road Home

Not as many photos this time because by the time the concert let out we just wanted to get home and get to sleep. I promise to go back during the day so you can have some contrast, however, I find that Times Square is most exciting after dark.

The Barrymore and Biltmore Theatres
Benash Delicatessen. Don't you think there should be a space in the name?
Carnegie Deli where Mike and I enjoyed our first dinner as a married couple.
One Times Square
-- from which the fabled ball drops on New Year's Eve. Don't hold your breath for a New Year's shot. No way am I being jammed into a pen with no access to a bathroom for multiple hours in the cold. Nope, not doing it. Yes, Times Square is named after the New York Times and no, it is not a square but rather a triangle or trapezoid.Contrary to what I wrote earlier, we did not go biking today. The weather is too damp and iffy with regards to rain so we did the grocery shopping instead. If it is sunny tomorrow morning we will go for a ride before going out to my folks for the first Passover Seder.


Paul said...

Thank you for the great photos. It must be such a rush to live in NYC. I really enjoy it when I'm there.

Roman said...

After you explained where the "Times" in times square came from, I went looking for the source of the word "square". Then I realized it just meant an open area. So dull =\.