Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Walk to Carnegie Hall

Many years ago, my mother-in-law decided that she wanted to go to concerts at Carnegie Hall and that her son was going to go with her. For a few seasons it was a bonding experience for mother and son and I stayed home with the kids. It worked for all of us -- they had a night out and I had a quiet night alone, once the kids went to bed. When mom passed away, we inherited the tickets for the upcoming season and I started going with Mike. This year we renewed the subscriptions and now periodically hustle uptown for an evening of wonderful music.

On our last trip I remembered my camera and so you get some NYC highlights on the walks to and from Carnegie Hall and our apartment.

Twins Pub -- I know that they used to have an all-Twin waitstaff but I do not know if it is still true and googling was no help.
Alvin Ailey
The Morgan Mail Facility (USPS), site of a major anthrax scare in 2001. Next to and connected to it on the south is another postal building where a supermarket was supposed to go on the first floor. Never happened -- probably due to the anthrax scares.The GHI Insurance building from which far too many communications will be coming in the following weeks.

The Cheyenne Diner. An old-fashioned stainless steel faced diner. Nope, never eaten here.
Later -- the walk home. Now to go do some biking.


Ina said...

Thanks for showing us how to get to Carnegie Hall (teehee).

Ann said...

Wonderful photos...I love seeing your corner of the world.


Sprite said...

How cool that you get to experience Carnegie Hall and performances on that scale. I would love to do that some day!

I love your New York tours and how you take us along. I am still concerned that I haven't unfolded "the" blog that tells me why you're still in pain after your accident. You might need to have mercy on me and tell me, I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago ... but .. I was so concerned when I discovered I'd missed so much with you! *hugs*