Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bookcases and Chocolate

I did promise a picture of the infamous bookcase if I could find my camera. Well, I found it. After all these years I have learned to think like Maria. We had the bookcase on the wall to the right turned 90 degrees.
On top of the bookcase is an assortment of books from my mother-in-law as well as a few other items from my own collection. Yes, that is a fire extinguisher and a navajo spindle. The top shelf contains most of my knitting magazines, the second shelf an eclectic selection of books from our own library, my father's collection and of course, my mother-in-law. We didn't take all of her books but did take a good number of well bound classics. One of these days I will photograph all of the bookcases in this place. Our library is thinner then it was last year but still rather robust and growing all the time. Whenever I fuss about my yarn stash growing out of control, I just think of our book stash. *grin*

Below, a gift from my boss.
I have to remember to bring some in to work tomorrow for when I am in charge. The calories will come in handy. Too bad I really can't gobble the stuff the way I used to. One or two pieces tends to do me just fine.


I put in a half-day today after going to Little Squid's publishing party. He really channels my dad in his writing. It is so funny to see!

Happily, I made it up the 4 double-height flights to Little Squid's classroom and was only as winded as I usually am. Phew! I may still be a bit shaky but at least everything else is working. That bodes well for Sunday. The teachers and other moms were hesitant to ask about my face. And his Principal, she just kind of gasped and said "I won't ask," at which point I promptly told her. I swear people just think the worst. One would think ... hmm ... Upper East Side mother, swollen face ... yeah, face lift! I guess having only one side swollen and the tape over my eye doesn't translate to that. Lid lift anyone? One of my secretaries told me to go home. Said I looked far too pale. Gee, I guess my usual make up really does make a difference. *grin*

Tomorrow I have to be "in charge" which usually translates into suit, heels, full makeup and dragon lady jewelry. I'm trying to figure out which suit will work with flats and will totally ditch the make up except for lipstick. If people want to stare at something, they can stare at my extra red lips. The dragon lady jewelry is a given. Helen Woodhull to the max!

In my next post I will explain how a humble New York City teacher came to possess several pieces of Helen's beautiful jewelry.


Cookie said...

I'm so glad you survived. :D I'm sure the chocolate will come in handy tomorrow... or anytime. ;^)

Thank you for the link. I love her work. Lucky you! *hugs*

Susan said...

Oh wow...what gorgeous jewelry. And heck of a nice bookcase too! I love seeing the corners of my friend's places.

You're boss has extremly good taste *G*

Take care Dragon Lady

Dave Daniels said...

NOt kowing the rest of the room layout, I would agree that thw bookcase belongs on that wall, facing out from the window. Sideways is bad feng shui. And just bad. Keeep Maria. Make her some mittens.