Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Loafing and a Story

I'm still half-sleeping, half-surfing, half-listening to NPR while I half-sleep. The best sleep I've gotten over the last few days was while I was unconscious. I was having the best dream before they woke me up. Now if I could only remember it. I really hope I have enough energy to do what I have to tomorrow. The four flights of double height stairs leading to Little Squid's class room seem rather daunting right now.

My cleaning lady was a bit shocked to see me when she walked in but was really sweet and after about an hour, came out and told me that my bedroom was totally done and I should go in there to rest. I really love her! (I say this all the time, not just when recovering from surgery.) She joined our family a few years before Squidette did and stayed with us through three moves and two kids. We, in turn, have been equally loyal and give her periodic increases without being asked. Seems that since we moved to this building, she has picked up clients for practically every day here, including Fridays with our next door neighbor. If I could figure out who her other clients are we could set up a kind of "Maria Co-op" with-in our co-op and make sure that she gets treated right by everyone. Honestly, I hope that her other clients appreciate her as much as we do.

A Maria Story:

Maria has a very specific way of doing things and very strong opinions as to where things belong. Over the years, we have learned that inevitably, Maria is right.

Many years ago, when she worked for my mother-in-law (something she did until a few weeks after mom's death), she and mom had a disagreement about the placement of a bookcase. It is and was a lovely bookcase, I think mom said it was maple. Anyhow, Mom felt that it belonged on one wall and Maria felt it belonged on a different wall. Every other week, for months, Maria would move the bookcase (not an easy feat as it was full of books and heavy) and afterwards, Mom would have me or Mike move it back. Finally, we spoke sharply to Mom and she caved in, the bookcase staying where Maria put it.

Fast forward to just after Mom's death. While cleaning out her bedroom I decided that I had to have this one piece of furniture even if it wound up in my office at work. Since it was summer, we brought it home, temporarily, and put it where we felt it looked best in our bedroom. It was promptly filled with books taken from Mom's apartment, heavy books. The very next week ... Maria moved it to an adjacent wall. We knew better then to fight so there it still resides. (Never did make it in to my office.)

When I figure out where Maria put my camera I will take and post a picture of the infamous bookcase and its burden of folios.


Susan said...

Oh, I love that Maria story! She sounds to be a real treasure and also sounds like if she felt she wasn't being properly appreciated, she'd have the sense to move on to another family. So I'll bet everyone realizes what a jewel she is.

My goal today is to stay awake and move around more. I really enjoyed all the napping yesterday, but tomorrow will be quite tiring if I continue that today. However, I'm awfully glad I'm not going to be going up those steps! Take care of you!

Cookie said...

You didn't warn her about being home? o.0 Shame on you!

Love Maria!


Dave Daniels said...

I want a Maria of my very own. I'd gladly let someone clean AND move my furniture.
Hope you are feeling better soon. At least it's still early spring and you'll be as good as new in no time to get out and about.

knitseashore said...

Glad to hear you are getting some rest! I think Maria should hold a political office, or be a teacher -- she sounds like she could keep people in their place and doing their work with no excuses! But then you wouldn't enjoy her. :)