Monday, May 28, 2007

Bring on the Chupah

The following is a collection of pictures from the wedding. Only Squid and Squid siblings / parents are shown here to protect the innocent. There will be one more wedding related post and then you will be returned to your regularly scheduled knitting/family/biking blog. In future posts you can look forward to not one but two one skein wonders, an apartment in a bottle and the Hudson River Conservancy thinking that the river is a lawn.

Meanwhile I return you to my brother's wedding where you get to see how well the Squid clean up.

After a day of hard play, we all bathed and dressed and otherwise got ready.
Some of us had to repeat the process a few times. Little Squid was buttoned up for the pictures and as soon as we were done he unbuttoned the jacket ... and his shirt was untucked again. Like father, like son.Some of us found our toe nails being painted at the very last minute. Oops! Yet others needed a prenuptual drink. Or maybe some cereal.Look, all of my siblings at once! The man of the hour is in the middle. We are not, by the way, in age order. I'm not revealing where I fall in the mix but I am not the eldest.
Mother of the Groom. Doesn't Mom look great? Saw 5 kids through their teens and hasn't aged a bit. (We'll have some more on her tomorrow. Tee Hee!)

Got Little Squid on the dance floor ... his comment "o.k., you got me dancing but I still don't like it." Hence, no picture. Squidette on the other hand, discovered that she likes to dance ... and does it pretty well.Dancing with Daddy. Boy I hope someone got a picture of me dancing with my dad. These things don't happen that often.This is the third time they have danced at one of our weddings. Things just keep getting better and better, don't they. Yes, I got my husband tipsy enough that he not only danced with me but he enjoyed it!

May they be together for a long, long time.

Tomorrow, a belated birthday post for Mom and then a return to your regularly scheduled blog.


Paul said...

Well, your family is GORGEOUS! What a great looking bunch of people! and your Mom is stunning - she really picked a beautiful dress. How happy she looks, as do all of you. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful event in your family's history. May your brother and his wife enjoy a lifetime of happiness and love.

Anonymous said...

Man we are one good looking family. The Centor girls are really gorgeous. The boys aren't so bad themselves, and the parents.. wow are they lucky.

Youngest Centor Sibling (I am no longer the littlest as both of my sisters weigh less then me.)

Sprite said...

What a beautiful family! I am always amazed how much those kids have grown. Squidette has turned into such a lovely young lady! Your dress is beautiful, btw and you look great in it. Too bad your box was't there before the wedding, I think I sent you the right color. lol *hugs*