Monday, May 28, 2007

Festivities before the Festivities

My athletic brother and sister-in-law chose a site for their wedding where people could get outside and get physical.

Materials were provided for those who chose to kick and toss and hit.Wooded paths served the joggers and hikers. (Pictures of this are on Squidette's camera and have yet to be downloaded.)

A lovely lake placated those who needed to swim.Tennis and Lace anyone?Some softball.(Squidette at Bat ... she swings ... and she misses.)

Followed by Bride vs. Groom Kickball (the Groom's team won).

I was on the Bride's team with Mom and my nephew while the Squidlings were on the Groom's team with their grandfather. (Papa Squid was the official Kickball Photographer.)We will not talk about the fact that I missed this kick. Oops!And then there were strange faces.
And the view from our room.
When we arrived on Friday we were immediately instructed to put on our bathing suits and join my Dad and older sister at the lake. Being a good girl, I did just that. (Mike took a nap and hooked up his computer.) The kids frolicked with each other and then with their older cousin while my younger nephew hung out with us on the beach.

Swim time was followed by a bar-b-que where we spent quality time reconnecting with friends and relatives. The bar-b-que ended in a camp fire and s'mores. Yum!

Saturday dawned initially bright and clear and perfect for kickball and other outdoor activities. We all ran around in the morning and then we four took off to REI and my cousin's house so the second cousins could play for a while. (The visit to REI netted new bike shoes which work well with my handknit socks. They are also more comfortable to walk in.)

We hustled back to the Inn to shower and change for pictures and then the wedding. Tales and photographic evidence will follow in my next post. Consider this a cliff hanger ...


Kristen said...

What a fun way to deal with the pre-wedding jitters!

Mary said...

Sounds as if a terrific time was had by all and that many happy memories were made.