Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving Right Along

So I finally drowned my sorrows in yarn with an order from Halcyon. It's been years since I ordered from them but I really wanted blocking wires for this project (pictured below) and I know that they used to ship really quickly. Like, if I order today I can expect the package on or near Wednesday. In this case, hopefully before we leave for the wedding. With the wires I ordered enough of two different shiny black yarns to make a "one skein wonder" to wear to Friday night's bar-b-que. Think I'm being too ambitious? Or would expecting to knock out two one-skein wonders be too ambitious. The second one? For Squidette, of course! Got to cover those skimpy straps of her dress for the wedding. ;-)
The weather is supposed to be the pits tomorrow so it will be a stay-at-home day and I should finish this scarf. Also on the to do list is pack for Little Squid's three-day trip next week and maybe going to see Shrek 3. The last one is up in the air and will be dependent on the lines when we choose to go. Usually we go to the movies first thing in the morning when no one in their right mind would go but Squidette has to work on her science fair project so that is out.

Hope all your weekend plans work out for the best!


Cookie said...

If you're left alone, I'm sure you can make two in time.

Sprite said...

Ohh, come go to Shrek 3 here, the lines aren't as long!