Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Look! A Monkey!

The title of this post is actually a distraction technique from "Give Me the Brain," a favorite game in the Squid household.

So ... Look! Some Knitting!Yes, my feet really are that big!

May this knitting, Crenellated Toe-Up Socks from "Cool Socks, Warm Feet" by Lucy Neatby, distract you from the fact that I am not going to explain why I was upset yesterday. After thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot explain my distress in such a public forum as this blog. I am, by the way, still upset and suspect that I will harbor some degree of this until school lets out. No one died but it kind of feels like it.

Meanwhile, this blog will focus on the happy things. Like ... Hey, my baby brother is getting married in 10 days. Woo Hoo!!! Now if I can only figure out what knitting to take with me ...


Cookie said...

Cute socks!

I understand that. A public blog is a wonderful thing at times and a rock around one's neck at others.

A sock, of course. ;^)

Susan said...

Love the colors! Ummm I think I agree with Cookie...socks. I never thought the day would arrive where a sock would be comfort knitting for me. Unless, of course, you are one of those knitters that can memorize a lace pattern and knit it without paying lots of attention.

It's ok. We can all honor your feelings without knowing what's going on. Hugs!

Mary said...

Sorry to hear of the unhappiness.

But, the socks are lovely and very cheerful looking! Sad on the inside with happiness afoot!

knitseashore said...

I respect your giving things a second thought and deciding that this was something you didn't feel comfortable sharing here. I have written a few posts in draft and then thought better of it. I am sorry for whatever is making you sad and hope that school will be out soon.

Congratulations to your brother and his new wife -- something very happy to think about! I'd take anything you can knit fast without concentrating on. You'll be caught up in the excitement and it might be difficult to do something complicated.

Sprite said...

I hope the excitement of the wedding distracts you with cheery thoughts. If all else fails, I think you should either email me or let me call you & give you a verbal hug. I'm pretty good at that talking things out sort of thing.