Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You Can't Buy Time

As the school year winds to a close I find myself being asked the eternal question: "Are you working summer school."

The answer, a simple "No."

The reason?

You can't buy time.

If I work during the summer, I earn more money but I don't see my husband

And I don't see my kids.

You Can't Buy Time

If I don't work I can take my kids to camp 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

Then I can spend the daytime hours with my spouse.

You Can't Buy Time

We can paint the apartment.

We can take long walks.

We can enjoy each others company.

You Can't Buy Time

In the evenings we can retrieve the kids and take long bike rides in everlasting summer days.

We can go for ice cream and listen to each other.

You Can't Buy Time

When camp is done we can travel and explore.

We can camp and we can visit.

We can be a family.

You Can't Buy Time


Cookie said...

Plus more time for spinning. ;^)

Paul said...

It sounds like many wonderful and perfect reasons to not work this summer...

Debby said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos and celebrations with us. I was thinking of you all this weekend wondering how things went -- I'm so glad you had good weather with all of those outdoor activities planned!

This is a great post -- I feel I never have enough time with the people I'm close to, and I want to change that this summer. Good for you for saying no to extra work.

Holly of HollYarns said...

Good for you! Enjoy your time!

Sprite said...

Time is a precious jewel. I, of all people, understand that, having fought my way through so many obsticles health wise. I once told a very weatlhy man I once knew, "Time is my most valuable possessioln." He never "got it". You do. *hugs*

Looking forward to hearing about the summer.