Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dogs Not Allowed

While riding on Monday, we spotted several signs like this one. Um ... what lawn?
This was a breakfast ride, up to Fairway to get muffins and scones and then back toward home with stops in some newly opened sections of the Hudson River Park.

Just North of the Cruise Ship terminal, we found this.

We also found some tables on which to enjoy these. Yum! Like our tablecloth?South of the terminal we got a good view of the sole Manhattan docked participant of Fleet Week. Not sure why there are not more ships but it may have something to do with the Intrepid being out of town for repairs. The rest were in Brooklyn.

Just south of the ship terminal we discovered this wonderful public area. Water toys to play with,

and fountains to frolic in. We see this one as a good cooling stop on our way home from a long ride.

We also discovered this, a prototype to a raft that is being built with the aim of sailing the Atlantic. Sharp-eyed (usually oblivious) Little Squid spotted this gargoyle in a small garden. We like gargoyles!

Next up, three concerts and a dance performance! And ... Mama Squid gets invited to the Prom!!!


Cookie said...

Maybe lawns are a state of mind. ;^)

What are you wearing to the prom? :D

Debby said...

You always have the best scenery on your rides!!!!

Are you going to ride in a limo to the prom? We want pictures. :)

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Now, was there a message in that bottle? LOL