Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All About Me (a poem by Squidette)

All About Me

I like to read
Fantasy, fiction

I have one brother
Younger, shorter

I have a pet
A turtle girl

I have two parents
Mom, dad

I wear earrings
One per ear

I can swim
Frontstroke or back

I love music
I play two instruments

I like to draw
People and places

I am tall
Five feet

I love to write
Poetry and fantasy

I can run
Fast and slow

I can knit
Sew, spin, weave

I like my school
I love my family

I am myself


Cookie said...


Ever think of sub-letting her? She's just so adorable and sweet. Plus currently shorter than I am. ;^)

Susan said...

And a very fine self you are, Squidette!

Debby said...

Squidette -- a lovely poem and you are a lucky girl to have such a good life with your family and friends! Keep writing!!