Monday, June 18, 2007

How Did He Know?

Every night, as I am heading into my own room, I give Little Squid a quick kiss and sometimes have profound discussions with him.

Last night I gave him a peck on the forehead and then stealthily bent over to examine his "bite" mark.

And he hit me!


Because he thought I was going to bite him.

Now why would he think that? I don't usually bite him. It's been years since I pretended to munch on him but, that said ...

I was going to (pretend) bite him.

How did he know?

(His father is very proud of him this morning for being able to detect a duplicitous mommy. The "hit" by the way was also in fun, we do not tolerate real parental (or child) battering in this house. We also do not really bite.)


Susan said...

Sounds like he's learned to really 'read' his mommy. Good thing that he's a good kid!

Dave Daniels said...

Heh, I'd still get the garlic ready. Just in case.

Cookie said...

He's such a smart Squidling. He knows his mama.