Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am Honored!

I was nominated twice for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. First by Ann and then by Isabelle.

My nominees are: Susan (for rockin' with The Girl), Sprite (for rockin' Kandahar!), Cookie (for her rockin' socks), KnittyOtter (for being my favorite Otter!), and Penny (for rockin' the spindle!).


Decorating Update: We have not decided on a rug except to decide to look further. The purchase may very well be made on line. The dining room / entry way / hall way are now taped for ceiling paint and will receive 2 coats of ceiling white tomorrow. Some of the door frames and molding are also taped in anticipation of doing the walls -- some because we ran out of tape. We are going for the two-tone look. Dave suggested olive and gold and we printed paper in the approximate colors and taped them to the wall. I think it will work and Mike is sold.

Tour de France Knit Along Update: I should have a finished product to show you tomorrow. Today's tour finish was way exciting! On days when Mike and I are home in the morning we are watching the final few kilometers of the tour. Fun and inspiring!

Yesterday's poetry was the result of sleep deprivation after worrying about a kid all night. The kid was just fine in the morning but I was wiped out. We are all better now -- at least I assume. The Squid family is short the shortest Squid who is on an overnight trip with camp. Things are too quiet around here.

Squidette and Papa went to get the next larger violin size for her and wound up not buying a violin. She skipped right over a size and is now playing the full size instrument that we bought for her last year. I swear she has grown 2 inches in the last month. It is entirely possible that she will pass me within the year if she keeps growing at this rate. Tomorrow, she and I are going shopping to up size some of her garments. Eek!


Penny said...

You are much to good to me. You do ROCK. :)

Cookie said...

Thank you! ♥

I still vote C. :p

Sprite said...

Thank You! Coming from someone as active as you, it's such an honor!

Thank goodness you mentioned Squidette's growing. Now I know I'm not crazy! I thought she looked liked she'd grown in the crazy hair pic. Grown .. and more "young lady-ish" than little girl-ish. (frowns - growing up too fast!!) She's getting prettier, if that's possible. Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it? *hugs*