Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Last Place You Look

You know why things are always in the last place that you look? Because you stop looking once you've found it!

Yesterday we paused in the painting and instead did some cleaning. First came a couple of kitchen cabinets where we had a moth problem. (What does it say about me, that I was relieved that the moths that I had seen were grain moths?) Then, for me, came Little Squid's room.

Last September we gave him an inexpensive GPS for his birthday. By May it was missing. He claimed to have left it on his desk -- hence kind of blaming Maria. I thought like Maria and searched his desk drawers. Nothing. Then I, garbage bag in hand, searched his closet, his book shelves and then, after taking a break, and in desperation, his clothing drawers. Both Squidlings sleep in Captain's beds with very large drawers below the mattress. Little Squid tends to leave his open -- so things fall in. I searched the drawer at the head of his bed, I searched the drawer at the foot of his bed and then finally, as I was digging through his underwear in the middle drawer ... voila!

Today, the rain has stopped, we can ride to camp again and finish the major painting. Yea! Unfortunately it is also a rest day in the Tour de France so I will have to occupy my paint drying time with some other activity. Yesterday's end of stage was so exciting that it was a good thing I was just knitting a plain sock foot! I am making socks to match my TdFKAL vest as a secondary Tour project. One foot down, and on to the first cuff. Pictures later now that the skies have brightened.


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I was wondering how the painting and redecorating was coming along.