Sunday, July 22, 2007

Half a Wall

Saturday was a day for a little bit of biking,a little bit of baking,

(kudos go to Papa Squid and Squidette),
a little bit of painting,
and a lot of reading! Squidette just finished her copy of Harry Potter and I finished The Pearl so I can start it now. We, by the way, did not preorder it, we just walked in to the bookstore and picked two copies up off the table, paid and walked out. 5 minutes, no waiting.

Painting is on hold for today and instead we will do so closet cleaning and book organizing.

Below is the curtain that hangs on my terrace door. I washed it and rehung it yesterday so it is looking all nice and clean. My sister crocheted this years ago for her first NYC apartment. She gave it to me when she moved out of that place and no longer had appropriate windows. At the time, we were living in an old apartment with long thin windows but never hung the curtains. Here, one fits perfectly in our balcony door and there it hangs, gracing our apartment with a little bit of beauty.


Penny said...

Go squidette! She beat me! (but i just picked mine up Sunday afternoon and as i'm an adult I supposedly have to sleep at night and work) wall looks great and the balcony hanging is beautiful.

i just walked into the store and picked mine up. my mum reserved hers but her name wasn't on the list and they wouldn't give her one. :(

Kristen said...

I don't understand the pre-ordering myself; I always just pick it up at the grocery store, no problems.
The lacy curtain looks very pretty.

Cookie said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me.

Your sister did a lovely job on that curtain!

Susan said...

That curtain is incredible. My compliments to your sister! And I really like your paint color. It's a really busy and productive summer up there. The pic of the kids reading surely caused flashbacks here. I still read a lot but I can remember when I was their age, curling up barefooted with a good book and zooming away on a imaginary voyage. Too fun!