Friday, August 24, 2007


So you do not have to read blathering about our boring activities (dentist, doctor, back to school shopping etc) I give you some more vacation photos. Be sure to click for bigger on the roller coaster photos if you want a good look at my face. It is really worth a look. If you want to read the blathering that gives this post it's title, then scroll down past the pictures.

Executioner Sheep
The Big Cheese
Cool thing in Cincinatti
Cool thing in Indiana
Close up of Cool Thing in Indiana
Mama Squid and Squidette enjoying (?) a Roller Coaster
Sheer Terror
A Nice Photo of Squidette on Her Bike

Reentry is always tough and it was made tougher this week by rotten weather. We did lots of boring back-to-school shopping where in we discovered that Squidette has added flesh/muscle to certain body parts moving her pant status from slim-with-button-elastic to regular-with-button-elastic. (Yes the regulars are still a bit roomy even with the addition.) It also revealed that young ladies are expected to jump from size 14 kids to size 0 womens. Gulp! Got to love a naive kid -- she was looking for 0-slim with button elastic!

Little Squid was easier to fit now that Old Navy has decided that there are slim size 10 kids. I think my complaints on his sister's behalf may have had an impact. Yea, right.

And lastly, my dentist must have heard that my union settled with the city. He has found a way to spend my extra income. Squidette and I both have to go back for more work -- redo of an old, worn out filling for me, sealant and maybe cavity for her. Figures.

Today we may try to do something fun and then Squidette and I will tackle my back to school shopping. Oh joy. Did I mention that I go back to work on Monday? And that I spent a good deal of time on the phone, working, yesterday? It's o.k., I'll take the time back when we do the middle school tours with Little Squid.

Tomorrow -- we plan to circumnavigate Manhattan as a family. I promise photos this time.


knittin'_kitten said...

You are so brave to go on a roller coaster! That is something I have never done and never will ;-)

Penny said...

wait a sec.. squidette and i are sort of the same size? ooh! i can go closet surfing! ;)

Mary said...

I can't believe the summer is almost over! I've discovered that it goes just as quickly when retired as it did when I was working.

Dee said...

Bummer --- I can't get the pictures to go big.

What Mary said ... this summer flew by!

Kristen said...

I'm back to school Monday too, and doing a lot of the same last minute errands you are doing this week.

Cookie said...

Monday?! Too soon!

I hope there's some time for relaxing while you're doing all that running around.