Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Not That Prolific!

Many of you seem to have misinterpreted my productivity last week. Not all of those socks were knit on my trip. As a matter of fact, only one full pair of adult socks was knit -- and that was a combination of 1.25 men's socks and .75 woman's socks. One pair of baby socks and the matching sweater (if you count the double set of sleeves as counting for the parts that were already finished before we hit the road). That's it guys. The rest of the socks were all knit ahead of time. I swear it! Also, please remember that we were in the car for a good 24 hours counting all legs of the trip. That's a lot of time to knit.

Yesterday, meanwhile, I resumed knitting on my lace shawl.

It did not accompany us out west since it is by no means mindless knitting for all that 3 out of 4 rows are plain stockinette. The fineness of the yarn means that I have to keep my eyes glued to the needles.

I also resumed work on assembling a blanket for the Sanctuary Stitchers program. I've had the blocks in my possession since May. The plan is to finish the panels this week and the entire thing before the end of next week. Time to get it to someone who needs it.


Cookie said...

I am still impressed and I think the shawl is lovely.

Penny said...

ditto what cookie said.

let me know when/where you want the donated yarns. they can live here for a while longer.. :)

Mary said...

I look forward to seeing the shawl grow and grow!