Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trip Knitting

Yes, there was knitting on the trip. Non-stop on the drives west and east and intermittent while visiting.

Finished was this baby sweater -- still in need of blocking and sewing up. The sleeves were knit twice. My goal was to finish it before reaching Kentucky (the back and one front were done before heading west). By the time we reached Columbus, OH, I had finished knitting the sleeves (for the first time) and started sewing up. About half an hour later I realized that there was no way the sleeves would fit the sleeve cap despite measuring up correctly so I abandoned the job and worked on socks for a little bit. When we reached Kentucky I took a quick look at the intended sweater recipient and decided that the whole thing would be too small, so the sweater slept for the rest of the visit. I did, however, whip up a quick pair of socks for the big-little lady which joined the socks I gifted to her parents. (The parental socks were knit well before the trip.)
Miss E's socks
Socks for Mike's brother, his wife and daughter.

At the end of the visit I finally got the sweater draped over Miss E and decided that it was not a lost cause. The sleeves were reknit from Indianapolis to Wheeling to a bit east of Harrisburg, PA where they were finally finished. I think they will fit now but will leave the finishing until later today.

On the sock front, I had a pair of Monkey socks in a close-to-complete state and slated to be gifted to my newest sister-in-law. Those got picked up for completion on the trip from Kentucky to Indiana and I am proud to say, were finished in time for gift-giving that evening. Both brother and sister-in-law found them cozy and comfy. Yea!
Socks for J & JSocks for another, currently unnamed in-law

... and his wife.

While in Indianapolis I helped my sister-in-law remember how to knit. Does anyone out that way have a favorite yarn store to recommend? One where the staff is really nice to newbies? I left her with the Knitter's shop guide but that doesn't tell you which shops are nice to people and which turn up their noses and tell you that you are knitting the wrong way. Helen? Ann? You guys are the closest to IN that I know of ... maybe you know something?

I also left my brother with firm instructions to totally enable her. Tee Hee! He doesn't know what he is in for ...

Early this morning our next door neighbor brought by the packages that had arrived while we were away. Imagine my joy and amazement when I found all of this from Isabelle!
The ball shaped things are tea flowers. The clothes are lovely and I think I once made a sweater out of the yarn that the potholder is made of. Squidette is so enamored of the bag that I may have to give it to her. Thank you so much!!!


Cookie said...

I cannot believe how much you got done while on the road!

knittin'_kitten said...

All those adventures and all this knitting too?!! Wow!! You must knit faster than ever when riding in a car. The socks all look great! What nice gifts!

Penny said...

dang woman, you are one amazing knitter! WOW.

Dave Daniels said...

I was going to say that you're putting Cookie to shame with all your sock knitting, but she's already passed through this evening.
But, yeah, that's a lot of socks.

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

You are very welcome!

I told you I had more for you... I had to change my knits for you as I realized too late that you were allergic to scents...

I had to give up my aromatherapy cozy I had cast on and to think of something else....

Then, I discovered the flowering tea, and I ordered more but I had to wait for the delivery to come...

Oh well, I am glad you got your little package by now. Sorry for the delay though...

Please, let me know what you think of the flowering tea when you try it.

And a big WOW for all those fabulous socks you made during your vacation!!! You sure knit fast!