Friday, August 10, 2007

Where in the World Were the Squid?

This starts a series of interrupted blog post where you get to follow the Squid on their summer travels outside, yes, I said outside, of New York City. Everyone gasp now!

For our first installment we have our annual trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country where our intrepid Squid venture every year for a dose of the great outdoors and some quality time lost in a corn maze.

This year they wimped out and, instead of roughing it in tents, opted for a "Cozy Cabin." Let's hear it for the wimps making a good choice. It POURED and lightninged and thundered most of the second day so our Squid had a porch to play games on and a watertight, no worry roof over their head at night. And a bathroom.


This years trip started out with a visit to the National Watch and Clock Museum where we learned all about Horology. (The study of timekeeping, get your minds out of the gutter!)

Many interesting clocks were viewed -- click here for more photos.This clock did just about everything except vacuum the floor!One of my favorites -- I like unusual clocks.

Lunch was at Hinkle's Pharmacy for some good, authentic regional food. Yum! This pharmacy with lunch counter has been around since 1893!
We explored Columbia, PA for a bit and then headed to our camp ground for a quick stop to unpack. The we were off to join members of the Lancaster Bike Club for an Ice Cream Ride to the Oregon Dairy where we feasted on locally made ice cream. (For more bike cam pictures, click here.) Definitely NOT New York! After 10 miles in the heat, with the sun rapidly setting we trouped back to the cabin for showers and bed. The cabin had two bunk beds so we each had our own, off the floor, accommodations, with the kids on top and the parents below. It also had air conditioning.

In the morning we dined al fresco, the last such meal of the trip.

A little reading,
a little goofing,a little crossword action and then we were off.

In the 90+ degree, 100% humidity, we headed in to the Maze and found ...a bike. How fitting.And, a bull. Which this story is not.And lots of corn.And, finally, our way out! After 2 hours of purposeful wandering we did it! This seemed to be the hardest of the mazes that we have done so far. We spent the first hour or so seemingly going in circles and then finally hit on some new sections of the maze and quickly got on the right track.

After finding our way out, the kids did some pedal carting and then we headed to Good and Plenty for lunch. Just as our meal was served, the skies opened up. It did not stop raining until ... well, um, I think it is still raining. (Actually, there was a break in the rain this morning so we were able to cook our breakfast on the camp stove and eat on the porch.)

Since outdoor activities were out, we went clock and pretzel shopping and then retreated back to the cabin for a couple of rousing games of Scrabble and Set.

Our adventures will take us further west this summer and should include bike rides in four other states and a visit to a midwest state fair. Stay tuned!


Dee said...

The pedal-carting looks like fun!

Hope you have a great vacation!

Kristen said...

What fun - I love family vacations after the kids are old enough to appreciate (or not!) the sights.

Dave Daniels said...

I love Pennsylvania. It's so big, and the country parts have so much to offer. Aside from the clock museum ( ha ha ha), it looks like a fun vacation.

Oldpatterns said...

You should try the Davis Farmland mega maze. It is a world class corn maze. It is quite AMAZING!

-your cuz