Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My New Toy

I admit it, it is a toy, pure and simple. My new baby is an HP Pavilion tx1000 series "entertainment pc." 4.1 lbs and tiny enough to easily sit on the arm of my chair without being in imminent danger of toppling over. It is fast, light and has lots and lots of memory. And a really cool screen that pivots.

I still have to finish setting up all of my programs and the am busy transferring all of my work and personal documents from my "old" machine. Picassa is now set up and the iRiver software is downloading as I type. I think I got my new Palm software last night but need to double check that. Security software is just waiting for the iRiver download to finish so I can restart the machine. Lots to do and it is already late ...

Oh, and on top is a new sock for Squidette. Started last Wednesday before her blessings class and finished tonight while waiting for her to get out of Hebrew School. Lots of knitting time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this year. Little Squid and I had a lovely dinner at the diner and played some Scrabble on my Treo while Squidette was in class (he goes from 4-6, she goes from 5:30 - 7:30). This will be an interesting year.

Tomorrow I restart the knitting club at school.


Anonymous said...

Knitting club sounds like fun. How many kids do you think you'll have?

Penny said...

Let me know when/how you want the yarn and a few needles. Or if you no longer want it. I'm slowly reballing it so it's nicer. There are a few tangle skeins if any student wants to detangle them, they can enjoy! :) [otherwise i'll probably use them for toy stuffing]

nice toy!

gorgeous sock. i got to knit *in* class today. :D

Susan said...

Love it! You're going to have such fun with it! Sounds like your going to be able to have some good 1:1 time with both squidlings this year.

Dave Daniels said...

That's a very cool little machine. Does the screen pivot to make it like a tablet?
If you are looking for donations for the kids this year, let me know. I'll be clearing old CCM stuff out soon.

Cookie said...

Beautiful baby!