Monday, November 05, 2007

Fancy Schmancy

Today was a long day. O.k., it wasn't really -- all days are the same length. Except for yesterday which, at 25 hours, really was a long day.

I woke up early -- see that comment about yesterday -- and kept looking at my watch all day. I don't usually do that, I usually look at the school clocks but they were wrong. So I kept looking at clocks and then looking at my watch. And the day seemed to go much more slowly then usual. You see, since I kept looking at the clocks, I kept thinking it was an hour later and then had to correct myself and kept getting disappointed. Or relieved. It depended on what time it was and where I had to be.

The clocks should be back to normal tomorrow. We are supposed to have a fancy, schmancy computer controlled clock system. Since it was installed last year, before the government changed the rules governing Daylight Savings Time, I asked the installers if it would update correctly. They said no. So, the weekend before the spring time change, I changed the school clocks and the system that controls our bells. And came in on Monday to find the time 2 hours off. This time I laughed. "Ha!" I said. "We have the fancy, schmancy clock system that updates itself, no need for me to reset the clocks." Just in case, however, I made sure to get in to school a bit on the early side today, to discover that, not only had the clocks not updated but that the master clock was off by ... wait for it ... SEVEN hours. Good thing I got in early.

So much for the fancy, schmancy clock system.

Oh, and yesterday? After an afternoon out with my daughter, I sat down at my computer, glanced at the clock, compared it to my watch and almost cursed out my operating system. You would think that a brand new edition of Vista would have the right programing to update. And, in fact, it did. My watch however, is an old fashioned Timex. Which does not automatically update. Um ... can we say "user error?"

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