Monday, November 19, 2007

Gone Quiet

I know I have been quiet lately. Nothing is wrong things have just been so busy that when I get home at night, composing a blog post is beyond my mental capacity. I really need this four day weekend to decompress and sleep a little. Or a lot. Mike and I have promised each other to not set alarms this weekend. Other then Thanksgiving with my family, we have no plans. Maybe lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant or some long walks, but nothing specific.

Last night, Mike and I attended a concert at Carnegie Hall and noticed that the streets were surprisingly empty of people. We debated if it was a side effect of the stagehands strike or if it were just because it was Sunday night. Or maybe a combination of the two.

As we walked uptown, we saw a few picket lines and the question arose: "do you really need to walk a picket line if there are no scabs to cross it?" Mike marched with his mom on picket lines many years ago, the last time the NYC teachers struck. I guess the purpose of the lines is two-fold as the strikers get their message out to the public as well as stopping scabs. Outside the theater housing Chicago, we saw some of the musicians striking up a tune. Interesting. By the time we walked back home, the strikers were all gone and Times Square was eerily quiet.


Kristen said...

I know the feeling of being too mentally disorganized to post. I'm looking forward to this Thanksgiving break too.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? (Heh heh.) My sister who lives in NYC hopes to take advantage of the strike by going to one of the restaurants in the area whch would normally be overrun by tourists and theater-goers.

Dave Daniels said...

Boston is the same way: quiet. I think the locals all leave town just before the Holiday, and then all the tourists arrive.

Cookie said...

Nothing wrong with being quiet as long as ya'll are doing well. How's the cold? I hope you're feeling better.

I wonder if it's the quiet before the storm in the city. I think Dave is onto something about the impending tourists.

Susan said...

Because I'm weird I wonder if, when all is quiet in the streets there, you were really quiet and listened could you hear far away sounds of the people that had been there before.'s foggy and I'm in a Sherlock Holmes mood and thinking of old time London streets.

Uncle Josh said...

Maybe it's the Indiana in me, but Times Square seemed busy as ever yesterday. It took 30 minutes to go from John Jay to the Marriott Marquis. That's an entire episode of Friends!