Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Teens Knitting: Preparing for the Holiday

Theoretically there should not be an edition of "Teens Knitting" this week since I plan on shoving all of the teens in the building, knitting or not, out the door at 3:00 tomorrow. I take my long weekends VERY seriously! Also, for some strange reason, teens in a mostly deserted building, the night before a long weekend, tend to get up to some really odd stuff. So, we shove them out and make sure they are GONE. O.k., we strongly encourage them to leave -- no physical force is employed. Promise.

Before we strongly encourage them to leave, however, they must fill up on yarn. And some of them, knowing that I am not always in my office, stocked up early. Every lunch period today saw a multiple young people digging through the newest arrivals from Elizabeth and Knits With Cats. Thank you so very much, ladies!

One young lady brought in her half finished scarf and moaned about not having enough yarn to finish it. While I was pretty sure that we no longer had any matching yarn, I helped her dig through the stash and, voila!, we found one more ball of the same colorway! I think that it was this deed which earned me my good parking karma for the afternoon. (I have a strong belief that good deeds towards young people earn me good parking spots. The deed has to happen in the same day as the spot is needed or it doesn't work. And no fair intentionally doing a "good deed" to earn the needed parking karma. It has to be unplanned. That said, 6 out of the last seven street parking spots that I have found have been at failed meters. Including today.)

The afghan "squares" are piling up and I may bring them home this weekend to wash and hide ends on. After a disaster with the synagogue project blanket -- where 1/4 of the squares turned out to be wool and felted when I washed the completed blanket -- I now wash first. Good thing, too, the last batch of synagogue squares had almost a blanket's worth of now felted squares. They will not go to waste, however, we will put together a felted-square blanket.

Finally, a picture of the package I received last week from Felecia (no blog that I can find) -- it was kind of freaky to find the needles poking up through the yarn as I emptied the envelope.


Mary said...

Sounds like there's gonna be a rapid dismissal tomorrow. Have a good long weekend!

Susan said...

Have a great holiday and say hi to Louis for me. Don't forget your meds!

Elizabeth said...

Glad the package got there before the holiday - I was a little worried it mightn't.
Also glad they had fun picking through it!