Monday, November 12, 2007

Out and About

It's been a long, slow, quiet weekend here at Chez Squid. Easy visiting on Saturday, quiet indoor pursuits on Sunday and a simple family walk today. Lots of time to knit, read and recover from a trying week.

Yesterday Mike made this:

apple pie made with fresh Greenmarket apples with apple goo on top. Mmmm ...

When we set our itinerary for today, Mike reminded me to take my camera. I think he intended to find some blog fodder since things have been rather lean for the last few weeks.
So here you go. First up, possibly the smallest piece of private property in NYC. It was created in the early 1900's when the Hess family refused to cede this small piece of property to the city after having their property condemned for the construction of the subway. Each side of the triangle is maybe 24 inches long. It is a very early protest against eminent domain, a fight that continues today.

Then on to Father Demo Square. The sign is pictured to show you that typesetting errors wind up even on Parks Department plaques. Look for all the question marks.

The church where Father Demo was pastor.And then a change of religion ...

O.k., a quick google turned up very little about this synagogue but it was organized in 1838 and in 1865 the congregation started a cemetery out near where my folks live.
Speaking of Google, I originally took the picture above to show the contrast between the old row houses at the bottom and the very modern black building. Then Mike pointed out that Google is housed in the very large building behind it all. Yup, the NYC outpost of Google. Mike's got a bunch of former students working there.

And finally, to prove that this is a knitting blog, the back of Little Squid's sweater and the graph for the front.

The felted slippers on the floor are mine.

And ... my Blogger Bingo prize!8 ounces of Sugar Lips BFL top from Adrian at Hello Yarn! It is much more purple then it looks on my screen. Yea!!!


Diann said...

Nice photos. I love the strange and wonderful signs and markers in cities.

FYI -- a large box of yarn and needles was shipped to you on Friday for your knitting teens. Per UPS, it should be delivered on Friday, the 16th. Enjoy!

Cookie said...

What part of the apple has the goo?

Dave Daniels said...

As small as that parcel of property is, I STILL can't afford to live in Manhattan!
Nice shot of the row houses. I like that about cities, the contrast of the modern against the old and familiar.
And the purple makes me want to work with something bright. Soon...