Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toxic Waste

Yup, that's been my job for the last couple of weeks. Dealing with the fall out of a sensationalistic news report about my school. Today was the big day, with all sorts of experts coming to talk to and answer questions from parents and staff. Frankly, I'm wiped. I arranged and organized all three meetings today and only got home a short while ago. If I were the kind of person to take a mental health day, tomorrow would be it. But I can't. I've got the knitting kids to think of. And, oh yeah, I have the usual schlepage of my own kids to school, the weekly meal out with the elder child and the wait while she does her Bat Mitzvah training stuff. So, no day off. And it is only a four day week. Followed by a three day week next week!

And, I had parent-teacher conferences with Little Squid's teacher. All in the same day.

I did managed to finish a pair of socks for Mike so at least something tangible got done.

As an aside ...

Why is it that people distrust experts? Why do they not want to believe that we are all on the same side? And why won't they believe me when I say that we have more serious problems then the relatively stable toxic waste beneath our school? Or am I being naive in believing the experts and everyone else is right?


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fillyjonk said...

Well, I'm a scientist. And I've seen this. I think it's because people have a poor concept of risk...no risk below 0% is acceptable to some people, regardless of what it may cost (or that it may increase risk for a time).

Asbestos "abatement" comes to mind. I've been in situations where part of a building had to be sealed off for eight months or more because of the "need" to remove (undamaged) asbestos floor tile.

A big part of it, I am sure, is that people's children are involved, and sometimes rational people become a bit irrational when the words "risk" or "toxic" are used in the same sentence as their children's school.

And yet...the same people who demand removal of undamaged asbestos tile or other things, still will eat raw-fish sushi or raw oysters (two things I would NEVER ON MY LIFE consume).

So I guess everyone's perception of risk is different.

It still stinks to be on the receiving end of people's worries and demands, and I feel for you.