Thursday, November 15, 2007

Teens Knitting: Where are the Guys?

My current principal is a guy. Like the rest of my principals, he supports the knitting club and thinks the whole thing is a bit odd but cool. Yesterday he wandered in while I was getting one young lady going, two more were in a corner working on their first pieces and the core group was digging through the stash. He looked around and asked "where are the boys." My answer? "He wanted to sit down, so he's on the couch near your office."

Yeah, we still only have one young man this year -- that's what tends to happen so I don't bemoan it. Frankly, male participation is a problem in the other program that I run -- and that one is geared toward future doctors!

The reason for the lack of males in the knitting club is, unfortunately simple. Guys don't want to be found knitting. Some will have their friends teach them on the side and knit at home or on the sly but unfortunately, knitting is still not macho. And in a school with a 58% Hispanic population, macho has real meaning.

Yesterday's stats? 3 newbies off and running, 1 (female) basketball player grabbing some yarn before practice, 1 core member working on a free Glampyre pattern, our guy making a crocheted hat and lots of squares for the blankie, and lots of stash diving by the other core members -- who swear they want to clean up my desk.

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