Sunday, December 16, 2007

Creative Cooking

We are now firmly in winter mode here at Chez Squid and Mike broke out the crock pot to stew a batch of chili for dinner. Instead of serving it over rice, as is our custom, he decided to make bread bowls.
Yes, he made the bread from scratch.

Yes, my son attempted to eat it as a sandwich. (We stopped him before he could burn his mouth.)

And yes, it was delicious!


And no, I have not finished Little Squid's sweater. Squidette was kind enough to give me her cold so I have spent most of my at home time this weekend just lying around and reading.


Penny said...

aah... breadbowl memories! hopefully soon i'll re-start making my own bread from scratch.

what would we do without crockpots?

Mary said...

What caught my eye is that somebody is reading one of my favorite books--I Capture the Castle.

Dee said...

Mmmmmm...bread bowls. Sounds really good.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Susan said...

Chili in breadbowls..not a concept I've ever thought of; I'll have to try that sometime.

Hope that bug leaves you quickly and stays away!

Cookie said...

Papa Squid RAWKS!

You just had to teach your children to share, didn't you? ;^) Feel better!