Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nature vs Nuture

When the kids were little, we briefly had them trained to respond to the following question: "how did you get so ... (insert: smart, cute etc.)." Squidette answered "genetics" and Little Squid answered "environment." What we do to our kids!

Around the same time, their Grandmother was working on getting Little Squid to tell time and badgering Squidette to wear her watch (purchased by Grandma, of course).

Grandma always had a watch on. Grandma loved watches and was always punctual. If she was late, due to unforeseen circumstance, it drove her nuts.

It also drove her nuts that Squidette would not wear her watch regularly. Squidette still does not wear a watch. She does carry one in her pocket or uses her cellphone when necessary. So far she has not had any problems getting places on time.

Grandma would be proud of Little Squid with all of his watches and his love of time.(Grandma's watch collection, now in my possession.)

He received three new time pieces for Chanuckah. A stopwatch / watch from one Aunt, a pocket watch / sundial from an Uncle and a binary clock from his parents. He also received a watch repair kit. A good one.

Together, he and I have attempted to fix one of his watches and successfully repaired a second.
His Grandma would be proud!


Ina said...

Wait a sec, I'm confused. Genetics doesn't wear a watch (but is punctual) and Environment loves watches? Huh. What does a watch/sundial look like?

Dee said...

Wow! I'm impressed by his ability to fix a watch!

I just had my grandfather's watch overhauled .... keep at it Little Squid ... it's HARD to find a good watchmaker these days.

Well --- maybe in NY you can find them, but there is only ONE here in Orlando. However, he DID do a great job on the watch.

Susan said...

I thought seriously about getting Little Squid a Centennial watch..but then I discovered they were $99. Sorry!