Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can You Spell "G E E K Y?"

Do you think we have enough computers? And there are three not in the picture!
Look what you can do with multiple XOs.Click on the photo to get the total effect. I'll wait.
Yup, the computers are taking pictures of themselves. The top photo was taken by an XO, the bottom on my little Olympus. You can see me in the computer screen if you look closely.


On a fibery front, I am almost finished with Lil' Sis's socks and added 22 rows to the vest yesterday. I will probably finish the socks during dinner with Little Squid on Tuesday and have balled up a really happy sock yarn from Dave to start socks for me. No photos because I didn't take them yet and now my nails are sticky as I perform my weekly "back to work" manicure.

Spinning also happened as I stick to my "Sundays are for Spinning" pledge.

Have a great week!


Penny said...

Well, you have more humans to use them, but I think E and I do pretty well on our own.. 4 laptops (all mine, though one is gathering dust), E's two desktops, a server and some other machines gathering dust...


Go go fiber! E's on a conference call so I can't spin right now.. oh wait.. I've locked myself in the bedroom with a spindle. yay! :)

Cat said...

OMG that is so awesome. Can't wait to see your sock yarn.


Susan said...

Now I feel underprivileged LOL. Little fiber stuff here this weekend as it was very the 70s and I felt it my duty to sit in the porch swing and let the gusty winds blow over me.

Susan said...

me again..i hope they don't think I'm a spammer. Found a picture of part of a clock vest...ohhh pretty!
And read about xo computers..what a concept!! I have a question though. In the pics they look like they have little green ears sticking up from the monitor. What do those things do??

Cookie said...

Do they talk to each other, too? Just take the photos? :D

knitseashore said...

I hope your yarn is in soon -- that is so great that you are offered a discount since it was late. But it looks like you're enjoying the vest in the meantime.

Almost time for cycling -- we have the trainer in our living room now.

Sally said...

Those pictures are great! Are those the computers that you buy and then one gets sent to a foreign country? And you can drop them and not mess them up? My tech ed prof bought one. Cool.