Thursday, January 10, 2008

Teens Knitting: A Snapshot

Yesterday was all about purling and trouble shooting mistakes. About a dozen young people came out, grabbed stash and left, leaving me with three young ladies sitting and quietly knitting. Once we got the mistakes sorted out, I also sat and knit quietly. It was first frantic, with questions flying from all directions at once, and then calm as only a few stayed behind.

Earlier in the day I had come close to canceling the club because I was not feeling well but as the day dragged on and approached 3:00, I decided that I'd made it that far and could keep going for another hour. I'm so glad I did. The pleasure that I get from these young people is truly indescribable and works better to soothe me then any drug.

Our first blankie for the year is still on my balcony in pieces. I'll leave myself a reminder to wash them this weekend -- I refuse to let them into my place unless I have washed them and dried them on HOT first. I will do this. I promise!

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Cookie said...

We hate bloglines.

I'm so glad that you had time to relax and enjoy your knitters. I hope you're feeling better today.