Friday, January 25, 2008

More Granola and Some Stitch Markers

My stitch markers are starting to arrive. Only one package is outstanding and it is making its way across the border from Canada.
This should give you an idea ... 4 each of the ducks, 5 of the teapots, 4 sheep (one black), four gold fish and the other sea creatures.

Today also saw the arrival of a miss-shipment of more granola. It was supposed to be a different flavor. They said we could keep it and are sending out the correct order.
With the granola, came a complimentary T-shirt. Now we can show our true feelings about this granola.
To answer your questions ...

The reason that we ordered 26 pounds of granola (the Maple Almond flavor) is because we both eat it as part of our breakfast and Mike uses it for lunch as well. I add it to plain yogurt with a bit of honey. Mike adds it to his morning oatmeal and to his lunchtime yogurt. Our usual purveyor of it tends to go through dry spells and neither of us has found a comparable substitute. Mike has a back up granola but I am a girl of habit and like to have my breakfast taste "just right" to quote a certain golden haired porridge stealer. So, after the last two trips to Fairway failed to yield our favorite flavor, we finally caved and ordered it on line.

I'll let you know when it is time to order again.


Birdsong said...

I just love the duckies!

Cookie said...

More duckie love here!

I can see how a family of four could go through a lot of granola and ordering in bulk always makes sense. And there is nothing wrong with wanting what you want. ;^)

Cat said...

Oh I love granola. I'm the same way it has to taste a certain way. I also put it in my yogurt with some apples.


Cat said...

Thanks for the link hon I went and ordered the sample pack. I can't wait for it to arrive.


Susan said...

I went to their site and sat here and drooled. It surely sounds yummy. Would you mind sharing the ducky etsy site??? Please, pretty please?