Friday, February 22, 2008


The latest issue of Craft encouraged the creation of monsters. Seemed like a good idea to me so I passed the issue off to my monster (Little Squid) and he got busy. Once the first new monster had entered our home, Squidette got into the act and now we have a whole herd of them!


Name: Googles

Gender: Male

Personality: Googles is a cuddly monster who likes to read. He loves puzzles and strategy. His favorite game is sticks. This game is similar to battleships except a lot more mathy and each square has a number. When someone makes a guess and they are wrong, the opponent says the answer following equation, x * y ** 2. (x = guess, y = placement of stick) the sticks then would be moved up to 4 squares. Googles would like to have a book to read every night and would like to go outside at least once a week.

Name: Talk-eye

Gender: Male

Personality: Talk-eye loves dark places and is very active. He loves to do staring contest and always loses. He communicates in low grunts as he has no mouth. He will get irritable if you do not give him somewhere dark to sleep. and remember, he's always watching ...


Name: Skee

Gender: Female

Personality: Skee is a small but determined monster. She always does what she can to get her way. Skee is slow to trust new people but when she does trust them, she never stops. Skee is an outdoors monster. She needs to get outside at least once every 2 days and she loves sports. She loves the snow and will do almost anything to get out in it. She loves to read and wants to read every day, but if she can't, she won't force it. She hates to draw.

Skee's favorite food is ice cream. She could eat it all year round.


Name: Naru

Gender: Female

Personality: Naru is a quiet monster who is full of energy. She loves to jump around and is quick to trust new people. Naru has an acute sense of things and can tell if something is wrong and will let you know.

Naru likes to be outside, but she hates the rain and snow. She loves windy clear days and if she sees a bunch of dark clouds in the sky and hears thunder, she would run inside and hide under the covers.

Naru likes to draw quietly. She rarely talks, sh o that is her way of communication. She can talk, though, but she chooses not to talk to most people, only to the people or monsters she really trusts and loves. Naru's favorite food is marshmallows. She loves rice crispie treats as well.


Anonymous said...

Very creative ... I think Skee is my favorite. Good job - little Squid and Squidette!

Mary said...

What fun! Nicely made monsters and I love the interesting personalities that Squid and Squidette gave them!

Susan said...

Wow it's so good to meet y'all! I don't think I've ever really known a monster before.

Googles, you must be very smart to play Sticks. It sounds very difficult. Are you going outside to see the snow today? I hope you have a really special book to read tonight.

Talk Eye, I can see why you would like dark places. A lot of light would be very uncomfortable for someone with so many eyes. And very hard to win a staring contest because while maybe some eyes would be staring the others might be distracted by a squirrel..or maybe a bird flying by..or another monster!

Skee,have you been outside yet? I saw a lot of snow in NYC on the morning news. I wish I was there. I like snow too and I've never had a monster friend to enjoy it with me. And later maybe you could read a book about snowflakes or make snow ice cream. YUM.

Naru, I just bet you are going to stay inside today. It's just too cold and wet for a girl monster like you.
Maybe, instead you could look out the window and draw a picture of what you see. And if the others are outside, I bet they would love to have a Rice Krispie treat when they come inside. Have you seen the new chocolate and vanilla Rice Krispies. I like them for a snack.

Little Squid and Squidette, and outstanding group of monsters. I'm glad you are so creative so that they can come to life.

Dave Daniels said...

Whoa, I hope no one is afraid of the dark! Those look like some fun critter-monsters. Be sure you lock your doors, though, so they don't get out. I can hear it now: "Four monsters have taken over Central Park. Last seen eating French fries. News at eleven!"

Anonymous said...

:) Those are some great monsters. What will they do next week when everyone is at school?

If they help with cleaning may I borrow them? I can pay in rice crispy treats... ;)

Cat said...

OMG They are so adorable!!! Your kids that is, LOL but so are the monsters.