Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Inside

One of the colors in my contrast yarn is so close to the main color that it disappears. So, for the top of the sock I took it out.Yes, I have lots of ends to hide.

For those of you who guessed, yes the new graph is of a squid. If I remember, I will reverse the direction on the other foot. I'm now past that and just working the chain pattern for the rest of the foot. Provided that there are no complications in my life, I should make some good progress toward the toe while watching the Tour tonight.

Last summer saw Mike and I watching the Tour as it was broadcast live during the day and catching the highlights during the rebroadcast after dinner. This year, however, Squidette is hooked so we are waiting to watch it during the rebroadcast so that we all get the results together. This has the added benefit of keeping Mike from listening to sports on the car radio should we be in the car in that inbetween time.


Cookie said...

I'm so glad that Squidette is getting into the race this year.

I'm really looking forward to seeing those socks.

Susan said...

Isn't it weird? A couple of times, I've thought that two yarns really would contrast but somehow knitted up, one of them got sort of swallowed up.

Dee said...

You've been nominated by me for a Pico y Arte award. Stop by my blog and pick up your award.

I wanted to let you know how many times I've just sat by the computer in awe of your bike trips and enjoying the history lesson that sometimes comes along.

Thanks --- I <3 NYC!