Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Squid on Wheels -- International Edition

These little booklets were obtained 3 years ago in anticipation of a trip that did not happen. They have finally been used.We took the kids out of the country using the second lamest method. We went to Canada. (Canadians, read on -- I am NOT dissing your country, great place, watch me rave)

What's the first lamest method, you ask?

(wait for it)

(wait some more)

(a little more won't hurt you)

The first lamest method of getting out of the country is ...

walking across town and taking a tour of the United Nations. Which we really should do.

But seriously, Canada is not at all lame. It's got wonder food, great history, mountains to climb and of course some of the most "famous" bloggers of the knit blogging world. You know who they are, I don't have to link. And if you don't know then you probably don't care.

What did we do in Canada?

Well, we did what we Squid do best -- we rode our bikes. At least in Montreal.

We rode on the waterfront.

We rode on greenways.

We rode in the streets. (In really well delineated bike paths.)

And we rode up the mountain.
Look! We made it all the way to the peak without stopping!

We got rained on at the top and descended on a rather muddy path. No pictures of the kids with their backs spattered in muck. (The parents were mostly spared as we have racks on the back of our bikes which protect us from the spray from the back tire.)

There's more but you will just have to wait for me to put it all together. We're back now and gearing up for another school year. And a big party in just over a month. Lots to do!


Cookie said...

Looks like a lovely time. I'm so glad you finally got to use your passports!


Susan said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you just had the best fun and now I can say I really know international travelers. :-)

Penny said...

A Canadian maple leaf was the first stamp in my passport. and I'm proud of it. I do recommend it. But not when we did it (Toronto in the last week of December). That put a new perspective on cold.

Our neglected passports saw our northern neighbors as well over our vacation, though we didn't get a chance to ride in Montreal.

Yay for nice bike paths and a very bicycle friendly city and a great new experience! When we were in Montreal we walked those paths (that time forgetting our bikes like idiots) and I'm happy to see smiles and successes.

Kristen said...

International biking - what fun!

Dave Daniels said...

That's actually a great and SAFE way to break in the passports. (Don't even think about bicycling in someplace like Bermuda!) And it's a beautiful area. Now, your family can add International Travel to your list of family accomplishments. Go, Team Squid!