Sunday, August 03, 2008

Squid on Wheels -- A Ride to Bayside

This morning we set out to ride to the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Flushing Meadow - Corona Park.
No one was actually racing when we got there but we did get to circle the Unisphere.

To get to the races / park, we had to first navigate our way across Manhattan and into Queens via the famed Queensboro / 59th Street Bridge and then wend our way across Queens.

The trip out took a good two hours to go about 18 miles but we had to keep stopping to consult the map. If we do it again, it will go a lot faster.

After seeing what there was to see, we continued Northeast to my parent's apartment in Bayside. My kid brother and his wife were in town so we all visited for a few hours, swam a bit, ate some pizza and then headed home. We did not ride home, but rather rode to the terminus of the 7 train and took the subway back into Manhattan.

The 7 is my favorite train. The views of Manhattan are fantastic -- especially if you can see out the front of the train. Sadly, however, the new subway cars do not have the large windows at the front that the old ones used to. So, we had to settle for the view out the side windows instead. I tried to get some good shots but the window glass was really dirty. If you ever have a chance, take the 7 from Main Street to at least Queensboro Plaza and look out the windows facing North. You will see New York as you have never seen it before.

Today's ride: 30.7 miles.

Thanks to Dee for nominating me for a Arte y Pico award. I know that I am supposed to nominate a few blogs but my brain is a bit fried right now from the ride. I'll get back to you in a few days. Thanks, Dee!


Anonymous said...

I remember the Unisphere.

My parents took me to the World's Fair. I would have been 9.

My Dad loved the "RADAR RANGE" that Amana had there. You could buy a hot dog and microwave it yourself. That was A BIG DEAL to my gadget-loving Dad.

I don't imagine at the time he thought he would ever actually OWN a microwave. LOL

Cookie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out.

Susan said...

Oh and now I'm all cool (literally after a bath) and feelin' quite groovy. I'm thinkin' this is really cool. I guess I never thought about what the 59th St. Bridge was..or where. I just love your gadabout posts! Thank you!

T. said...

I love your pics of the city. Makes me want to visit there very badly!