Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warm Hands!

This morning I tricked my bike out with these babies. Moose Mitts!

The temperature outside was 41 degrees (Farenheit, if you care) but the wind chill brought it to about 25. On my legs I wore regular biking tights and wind pants (with handknit wool socks, of course). On top, a long sleeve base layer, a sweat shirt and a midweight bike jacket. On my head, a fleece balaclava (and helmet!) and on my hands, a pair of full-fingered bike gloves that are really the liners for a heavier glove.

As I pedaled up town, I immediately felt the difference. The wind was fairly strong but my hands were not feeling it at all. By the time I left Central Park, I had to remove the gloves and ride bare handed in the mitts.

I'm in love! I want to get them for all the bikes now so we can all ride in comfort.

The worst part of cold weather riding for me is the cold hands and cold ears. The balaclava solves the ears -- though I have a new set of ear muffs to try -- and now the Moose Mitts really solve the hands.

I can see needing a bit more coverage once the temps drop lower but the glove liners should do me to the low 30s or even lower.

Yup. I'm really in love here. Welcome to my wonderful world!

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Sarah said...

I am so happy you are still out biking in the colder weather and enjoying it too! It is ok out there with the right equipment. Sorry to hear about all the detours for the marathon. I hope the whole family can still get a ride in this weekend. I believe it is supposed to be nice out.